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  5. apt company is only open on thursdays.. no wonder i haven’t heard back…

    but seriously why don’t they post that shit on their website?!

    had to look the apartments up on a different site that not only told me the office hours but told me how much a 2 bedroom cost aka what i was looking for.

    btw its 646 dollars. SCORE.

    but a one year lease. let’s see how ian [my bf’s friend] feels about that.

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  6. onceabc:

Once Upon A Time’s beloved Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas got married this weekend! Congratulations to the happy couple! <3


    Once Upon A Time’s beloved Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas got married this weekend! Congratulations to the happy couple! <3

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    Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

    This can save lives

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  9. update [for anyone who would ever care]

    i’m getting kicked out of my house [well my mother’s house]. indirectly if you will-

    she told me a few days ago that she wanted the dog out of the house in 2 weeks. no if, ands, or, buts. well i don’t know anyone who would, could, should take her and i don’t want to give her up or even dare have the thought of returning her to a shelter.

    so i was like.. fine i’m gonna move out. i’m 24 years old- i should anyway. well she apparently didn’t expect that response i guess because she keeps on saying i don’t have to and i was like.. do i still have to get rid of sadie? and she’s like yes and i’m like yeah i’m good. because of my asthma and depression/bi-polar i got sadie put out as a service dog [ESA]. it cost about 64 dollars, but it’s worth it. 

    i’ve spoken with an apt company in freeport that’s one bedrooms are around 590 with heat/hotwater plus appliances that have a bit of a yard and will take service pets.. but i’m waiting to hear back about 2 bedroom prices/deposit amount and etc. it would be better for me/cheaper if i can get my boyfriend sawyer to move in with me and unfortunately/fortunately [depending on how you look at it] he has already promised his best friend he’d live with him. but their apt is.. wicked shitty and would cost the same amount if not more than this new better one if the 3 of us lived together. so we’re kinda waiting to see if his friend will say yes or not. and i need this info so he can make a more informed decision. 

    i wouldn’t blame him if he says no.. although it would suck. we don’t know each other too well and there would be a lease [the place they are gonna have /sawyer’s apt right now is so shitty it’s month to month] so more dedication in terms of time.

    aghhhh i wanna hear back from them so badly.

    on the positive- even if he says no i can afford to live alone and it would be interesting to do so. also because this is my plan i have more time at home.. although the more it goes over the original 2 weeks my mom gave.. the more angry my mom might get.

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  10. awkward

    yesterday i went into work just to get my schedule and i was standing in the office and my ex who i happen to work with was like.. hey so someone told me that you’re saying i’m dating someone with 3 kids and i’d like it if you didn’t say that bc i’m single..

    and i was like wtf and i laughed and said i don’t even know someone with 3 kids.

    he doesn’t believe me that i have no idea what he was talking about.

    but regardless he asked that i didn’t talk about him unless it was work related.

    i agreed. 

    didn’t have the heart to tell him the only think i’ve even mentioned in over the last month about him at work is how glad i was that he was moving out of that apt.

    but seriously i don’t even know anyone our age with 3 kids. that’s an awful rumor.

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